Juno’s final checkup

Juno has had his final checkup at the vets today, everything is fine. His face and jaw is better and there is no more swelling or pain. He is eating better and playing again. Although he is getting a bit of a hard time from his sister, she is quite bored at the moment.        POPPY

Poppy’s Bordom

At the moment, my cat poppy has been going a bit loopy. I think she is bored, because she doesn’t like going out very much any more, mainly because we have two very territorial rabbits, who have run of the whole garden. The rabbits will chase the cats out of the garden, and have even badly injured one of the cats that dared to come into their little “kingdom”. Now the cats will run through the garden like their tail is on fire to get away from them. We have separated them before but they just bite their way out, they destroyed the last fence we put up. So, we cannot find a way to get Poppy a little more active. I have managed but I have work to get on with so I cannot sit their all day to play with her. I do take brakes from it but it gets a little tiring because she never wants to stop. so she tries to play with Juno, the other family cat. Juno, is a very friendly tabby, he will play, but he has his limits. He could take poppy out with one hit, but hes not the brightest kitty in the world. So he will just sit their and let her whack him round the face. Next week I am planning on setting up a little play area for her, so she has something to entertain herself with. She is particularly fond of catnip mouses, So I bought her a packet in town. I am hoping I can find the time to build a fence to let the rabbits just have one share of the garden, instead of the whole thing. (Our garden is pretty big)

Poppy cats diet

So, my cat Poppy, has gained a little bit of weight, the main reasons seem to be the fact that she eats Juno’s dinners and her own as well, but she has also mastered the art of begging. She will beg for food and scratch on the cupboard, and make you believe that she hasn’t had any food. So she knows that she can get food if she begs. Sometimes she is actually hungry, but that rare, because she already eats loads anyway. So we can never know when she is actually hungry.Her current diet includes only two meals a day, which I feed her. I make sure I am the only one feeding her, so that I know that I am not accidentally giving her her 2nd or 3rd meal. She is getting more used to this now, and I plan to carry on until she has visibly lost some weight. Then I will continue to make sure that I am the only one feeding her per day.


Photo taken by: Sarah Horrigan Fullard

Bubble the bunny

Introducing Bubble the bunny. Bubble is Noodles sister. She is quite a bit bigger than Noodle, and she is a darkish brown color, so they don’t really look alike, She doesn’t tend to start the scraps that the have, but she always seems to win them…Well I guess it works out. Nothing bad ever happens to her, so shes a really lucky bunny really.


Junos Athsma

Juno, has asthma. He has since he was a kitten. we first found out when he was about 3 years old, before that we just thought he was a really sneezy-wheezy cat. He started coughing and wheezing really badly one night, and we didn’t know what was wrong. so the next day we rang the vets. The appointment was the next day, so we got him ready in the basket, ready to go. he slept and woke up in the car, where he didn’t know what was happening because he had never been to the vets before. when we got there, we got out of the car, and went in. we sat next to a man with a large dalmatian, and Juno didn’t like that at all. we were called into the appointment. it took a while and a lot of chatting, and the vet found that he had asthma. the vet prescribed an inhaler, with a weird nozzle on the front. the vet said it was basically a human inhaler, with a nozzle on it..kind of funny looking, but i guess it was okay. It cost about £500 for all the medication and the inhaler. It was very expensive. but it was worth it. it stopped him from wheezing quite so much, he still does but its mainly only in his sleep, which is only a problem for me, because he sleeps on my bed next to me. He hated his inhaler, but he only had to have it for a couple of weeks, on and off. He is a lot better now, but he does snore… hes a real funny cat, but hes nice. Hes extremely friendly and always loves being fussed.


Photo taken by: Sarah Horrigan Fullard







How Juno came to us

Juno, as some people know, wasn’t originally our cat. we don’t actually know who he belonged too, just that they had a lot of very young noisy children. He started coming over to our house as a kitten, and breaking open the cat-flap. he would come in, eat some food, and try and make friends with our other kitten, poppy. She dealt with him quick enough, but soon they started getting along. He used to come in and go to sleep, and then go back to his home for another meal. A year into it, and I realized our neighbors had actually moved away, leaving poor Juno behind. After that we realized he had asthma, (yes it can happen) if you want more about that, read my other post about how we realized that he was asthmatic. And when we brought him to the vets, and told the vet that he had been coming for about a year, and had been left behind, The vet told us that Juno was officially ours. We spent about £500 on him to get him better, and get everything he needed. after that, he moved in. we got two bowls for both of them, and some more toys. Poppy was getting along with him at this point, and they would spend their time exploring the garden and play-fighting. He has now lived with us for about 5 years, and is now completely comfortable. His original owners never asked about him, or came back to get him, which is sad, but its a good thing that he has a home with us.

Junie getting comfy! junes.jpg



The Noodle-Bunny incident

Okay, so, this is a while ago, but it also includes how territorial bunnies can be. Noodle-the-bunny or Noodle, is a dutch bunny, and she has a sister called Bubble. (classy names I know) every once in a while, they will fight over the garden. we have a reasonably large garden, where we let them run around all day. The garden is blocked off of course so they cannot escape. One day, when we had got just put them to bed, I realized noodle was kicking me when I touched her belly to pick her up. I put her down because she was obviously not enjoying being held. I checked her over, and found a large cut, that seemed to be infected. we immediately phoned the vet to book an appointment.

The next day, we brought her to the vets. The vet checked the cut and told us that it was infected and would need to be cut away. The next day we brought her back for her operation. Unlike the cat, she was under anesthetic for about an hour. We were worried that she wouldn’t make it round. but the next day she was awake to see us, and we brought her home. She was still a little sleepy and we had her in an indoor cage for about two weeks, before letting her out separately from her sister, in a smaller, enclosed bit of the garden. After about a week she was introduced to her sister again, but they had a scrap so we had to separate them. It took another four days for them to start gradually getting along. We let them into a small part of the garden, which they didn’t fight in. Noodle was still on pain killers and anti-infection medicine, which was a pain to give her because she would struggle and wouldn’t open her mouth. (I don’t blame her, It looked gross) She is all better now, and they have the full garden back to themselves. (literally, they chase the cats out of the garden constantly) The whole thing cost about £620, which is a lot to my family.

Noodle the bunny! (Noodle after her operation)



Juno the fat faced cat =^.^=

At the moment the cats (Juno and Poppy) fight a lot. This time, Juno has suffered worst. We think he my have got clawed or kicked in the face by Poppy, but we aren’t sure. All we know is that one day he came in and his face looked a little bit puffy. And over the next few days, it got worse. So we brought him to the vet. (we had a fine time getting him in the carrier, he kicked and howled a lot, even when we brought it into the room he tried to escape…he knows where it always takes him!) The vet said it was an abscess, and gave him an injection to make the infection go away. But Juno still had to come back to the vets the next day, to have an operation. They put him to sleep, and then washed it out with an antiseptic fluid. And then filled it out with a kind of jelly, to stop it being floppy and getting infected. He came home and did some expert sulking, before coming up to my bedroom and sleeping for 5/6 hours. He is practically all better now, but he still has to take some medicine twice a day, which is a bit of a struggle, because he is quite a big tabby. well actually he’s more long than “big” but he’s still a strong cat. In total it costed just over £200, (we spend a lot on our pets…well I guess it just makes them more precious)